Chapter 1 Basic Communication

Section 1 Greeting

1 Hey! Thanks for picking me up from the airport. How are you doing.

What’s up,man?Thanks for picking me up.

How have you been?Thanks for getting me

No problem,man! I’ve been good,how about you?

Don’t worry about it. I’ve been great,how are you doing?

You’re welcome. I’m fine. What’s up with you.

2 Nothing much.

Same old,same old.

I have a bunch of stuff to tell you!

We need to catch up after we get to your house!

Sure thing. Let’s get going.

3 How’s everything.

How’s everything going?

How’s it going?

How are things?

Same as always.


Not bad.

It’s going pretty well.


4 Did nothing exciting happen while I was gone?

What happened while I was away?

How has your life been since I left

Nothing too crazy happened.

You missed a ton of stuff.

We can talk all about it in the car.

5 It’s great to see you.

Seeing you again is great.

I’m glad we can hang out again.

It’s good seeing you again.


It’s great to see you too.

6 Long time no see.

I haven’t seen you for a long time.

I haven’t seen you for age.

Yeah! it’s been so long.

Yeah, too long.

Yeah, how have you been.

7 It’s a nice day,isn’t it?

A lovely day,isn’t it?

It’s a fine day today,isn’t it?

Yeah, it really is.

8 Where did you park?

Do you remember where you parked?

These airport parking lots are so confusing. Where is your car?

I parked right over there.

Don’t worry,I remember!

Greeting Conversation!

Hey! It’s good to see you again!

You too, man. What’s up?

I have a ton of stuff to tell you.

Save it for the ride home. I want to get going.

Yeah! Why in such a hurry?

I have some other friends I want you to meet. They’re waiting in the car.

Oh, okay. Cool. I can’t wait to meet them.

Yeah. Don’t worry, they’re really nice.

Well, that’s good. I’m glad you didn’t make any jerk friends while I was away.

Of course not! Come on, let’s go!


Section 2 Introduction and Reply

1 My name is Kevin.

I’m Kevin.

Hey Kevin, I’m Sam.

Nice to meet you.

2 It’s a pleasure to meet you.

It’s nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, nice to meet you too.

3 I’ve heard good things about you.

My friends have told me a little about you. You seem cool.

You seem like a nice guy, judging by what my friends have said.

My friends told me you were a nice guy

4 Here is my number.

5 You can have one of my business cards, in case to you want to email me.

6 It was nice meeting you,I’ll see you around.

7 May I have your number,please?

Section 3 Gratitude and Reply

1 Thanks

2 I don’t know how to thank you.

3 Thank you for your help.

4 Thanks for everything.

5 You’re welcome.

6 Don’t worry about it.

Section 4 Apology and Reply

1 My mistake.

2 I’m sorry.

3 Forgive me.

4 I don’t know how to apologize to you.

5 I don’t know have kept you waiting

6 It’s all right.

7 Don’t worry about it.

Section 5 Invitation and Reply

1 What are you doing tomorrow?

2 Would you like to come over.

3 Can you come to my party.

4 We can do something else instead.

5 May we have the pleasure of your company at dinner?

6 I’d love to come over

7 I’m sorry, but I’m busy.

Section 6 Phone Calls

1 Hello. This is Kevin.

2 May I ask who’s calling?

3 May I speak to Kevin?

4 Would you like to hold?

5 He’s not here right now.

6 Can I take a message?

7 I think you have the wrong number.

Section 7 Weather

1 The weather is beautiful.

2 It’s really cold out.

3 It’s snowing today.

4 It’s rainy.

5 The weather forecast said the storm would clear up tonight.

6 There’s a lot of lightning and thunder.

7 It’s supposed to be overcast tonight.

8 The winds are very strong.

Section 8 Time and Date

1 What’s the date today?

2 Today is Sunday, October 3rd.

3 What time is it.

4 It’s 4:15.

5 The clock is three minutes slow.

6 I work at 5.

7 I have classes tomorrow, but they end at noon

Section 9 Farewell

1 I have to go.

2 It was nice seeing you.

3 Let’s hang out again sometime.

4 Come again.

5 See you later.

6 Good bye.

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